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Feb 1st, Read Aloud Day - French Edition!

As promised! I said I had a French read aloud for my French Immersion students.

Here, I am reading the fun book called "Billy la bulle" by Katia Canciani and illustrated by Christine Battuz.

The story is about two young students, Billy and Benjamin.

Benjamin befriends Billy, who is often in his own little world, or his own bubble. Benjamin gives Billy the space in class at school, and at home for Billy to just show up as he is. Many in Billy's life don't understand why he is the way he is. This is a great message for all students alike, as not every student in their class is neurotypical, and some may be neurodivergent. Just because someone is different, doesn't mean they don't belong.

Let's all aim to be a bit more like Benjamin!

What did you think of the read aloud? Let me know by commenting below, or commenting in the youtube video.

Much love to you all!

-Mme Steph Paturel

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