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Kids for Peace


Parental "Sex Talk" Program

Oh Em Gee...

Your kid is now at the age where they are maturing into a young adult and gulp...

you need to give "the sex talk".

Only one problem - you really don't want to.

If only someone else could?!

Someone who knew the curriculum expectations for each age group and what was needed and what was appropriate?!

Have no fear! Steph is here!

Did you know that there are 5 stages to puberty?

Did you know that puberty begins for girls in grades 2/3 and for boys in grades 3/4?

Help your child understand what is happening to their brains and bodies.

Empower your child through knowledge and understanding!

Did you know that teens who receive a

comprehensive reproductive health education

are 60% less likely to become pregnant

or to impregnate another? 

Let me help both you and your child

$500 for the 5-week program

Self-Confidence, the "Bully Busting" Program

Is your child shy?

Possibly getting picked on at school?

Do they have a solid foundation of who they are as a person?

Are they guarded?

Not making friends at school or in the neighbourhood?

Are they lacking in self worth, but you know how amazing they are?!

In this 8 week program,

I go through my program as a personal coach,

and with my teacher hat on to help

students learn mindset and social emotional learning skills.

These help make them more resilient to the world around them.

$800 for the 5-week program

Coaching & Mentoring Programs

Steph works with teachers, parents and kids to help them accomplish their goals.

Are you feeling stuck as a parent?

Not sure how to reach your kid?

Are you a kid that doesn't know how to handle the pressures of life?

You know you want more for your life and you just can't seem to make it happen?

You're a teacher, and you feel you've lost

the spark that used to keep you going?

If any of these questions resonate with you,

my coaching program may be exactly what you're ready for.

Your Coaching Experience Includes:

  • one on one weekly coaching sessions

  • weekly check-in and review

  • access to Coach Steph to ask questions between sessions

  • unlimited email support

  • accountability and ability to move beyond what keeps you back

  • Groups receive a Facebook group for ongoing support, well after the 12 weeks are over.

Parental Coaching $4500 for 12 weeks

Life Coaching for Kids $3000 for 3 months

Group Coaching $8000 for 12 weeks

Journaling Program

Fill you paper with the breathings of your heart.

-William Wordsworth

Journaling has been shown to manage anxiety, reduce stress, and cope with depression! 

This program is geared toward young teens and parents. It can be taken by either teens alone, or parents alone. However, full benefit come from taking it together.

Do you have things you'd like to say, but feel you can't?

Want to journal, but don't know where to begin?

Are there people in your life you want to express thoughts about,

but it's not safe to do so directly?

Do you want to trust and confidently use your voice?

Are you longing to know and love what dreams live within you?

This program takes place over 10 days via a live virtual meet.

Steph guides the journaling practice with prompting questions.

Meets are recorded for participants so they may continue their

journal journeys should they miss a day.

Recordings are access through a privately shared folder. 

Next Program Will Begin On: Please contact

$200 per person

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