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Price Plans for Lessons
  • Unless otherwise specified in your free 30-minute consult - lessons are once a week for one hour each. Haven't booked a consult yet to see if working with Mme Steph Paturel would be a good fit? Do so here!

  • I tailor lessons for each student. For example, if your child loves My Little Ponies and needs to increase their French, I would use that interest to create lessons to interest your child.​​​

  • Subjects are linked to the Ontario Curriculum. If you require another state or provincial curriculum to be taught, please inquire directly to see if it is possible.​

  • Please choose which package of lessons you would like to go with before starting.




  • PhonicsLearning for Reading , in English or French 

  • Please Click HERE for more information

  • Elementary School Lessons (grades 1-8)​​
  • Please Click HERE for more information

  • Secondary School Lessons (grades 9-12)

  • Please Click HERE for more information





























































  • Adult Learning​​

  • Please Click HERE for more information

  • Prices vary depending on the services needed, please inquire

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