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Hi! My name is Steph Paturel.
I'm a certified teacher in the province of Ontario, Canada. 
I offer online learning to students around the world.
Check out my specialities below.

Happy Twins

French Learning

Offering French language instruction online.

This can be "Core French" or "French Immersion."
Available for students:

 - Grade 1-8 French Immersion

Following subjects: French, Visual Arts, Drama, Social Studies, Health, and English Language Arts. For additional subjects please contact

- Grade 6-12 Core French

- Conversational French

- French Pronunciation

- Using Ontario curriculum For additional subjects please contact

- Prices vary for the different types of services. Please contact for pricing information.

Kids for Peace

One Time Programs

Parental "Sex Talk" Program

- Oh Em Gee... Your kid is now at the age where they are maturing into a young adult and gulp... you need to give "the sex talk". Only one problem - you really don't want to. If only someone else could?! Someone who knew the curriculum expectations for each age group and what was needed and what was appropriate?! Have no fear! Steph is here!

- $500 for the 5-week program

Self-Confidence, the "Bully Busting" Program

- Is your child shy? Possibly getting picked on at school? Do they have a solid foundation of who they are as a person? In this 8 week program, I go through my program as a personal coach, and with my teacher hat on to help students learn mindset and social emotional learning skills. These help make them more resilient to the world around them.

- $800 for the 5-week program

Cute Kids Posing Against Wall

1 on 1 or Pod Learning

One on One learning

+ Small Group Learning

Learn best 1 on 1? I can do that.

Learn best with others in your group? I can do that too!

1 on 1 services include:

- teaching

- tutoring

- educational advocacy for parents

- Prices vary for the different types of services. Please contact for pricing information.

Pod services include:

- teaching students who are at the same learning levels. A more a traditional approach to school, however, instruction meets students' interests as much as possible to keep their personal interest up. If your child does well with the social aspect of online learning, this would be the ideal choice.

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